What is a local action plan?

A local action plan (LAP) offers the opportunity for the wider community to be involved in shaping a vision of the future for their parish. Through community consultation, priorities are determined from a range of issues and these are used to identify a number of 'actions' with the potential to enhance daily life.

LAPs detail what is needed to secure these 'quality of life' improvements, who will be responsible for making them happen, and when they should be achieved. LAPs are particularly useful for a local council because they help with a council's business planning.

Although LAPs are drafted to cover a period of time -typically 5 years - they are not 'cast in stone' and should be reviewed or 'refreshed' periodically.

Who did we consult?

In December 2009, 'Have your Say' questionnaires were delivered to all households within the parish. The data collected was anlaysed by a Steering Group consisting of representatives from the community and Parish Council - supported by a co-ordinator with previous experience of working on the Rye LAP. The pupils of Staplecross Methodist Primary School were also consulted and the Ewhurst Parish LAP was formally launched at the 2010 Parish Assembly.

How is the LAP managed?

The Ewhurst Parish Local Action Plan (2010-15). Ewhurst Parish Council has decided to reconsider refreshing the Plan once the Stockwood Meadow development in Northiam Road has been completed and occupied.

To view the content of the Ewhurst Parish Local Action Plan (2010-15) please click on the low resolution files below


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