Ewhurst Parish Council is just one of over 10,000 Parish, Town and Comunity councils in England and Wales which, together, form the lowest tier of local government. Collectively they are known as 'local councils' - District, Borough, County and Unitary councils are referred to as 'local authorities'. 

There are over 70,000 Parish, Town and Community Councillors - and seven of them are Members of Ewhurst Parish Council. Full elections are held every 4 years, the next being scheduled for May 2023. Inbetween these elections vacant seats are filled by either a bye-election or (more typically) by co-option. 

The Good Councillor's Guide is an excellent summary of the role and responsibilities of a Parish Councillor. Parish Clerk's tend to be 'multi taskers' but their primary role is to ensure that Council decisions and activities are lawful. They are their council's official point of contact.